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Is Social Media and Internet Marketing good for all Companies

Social media is right for every company and brand.  If you have a target market, you have an audience.  If you have an audience, you have a platform for interaction.  A targeted campaign in the blogosphere or other social networks will bring results in brand awareness, traffic,customer loyalty and the overall buzz.  Most companies large or small however should be aware that social media marketing is a long-term process. And time, takes time.  Whatever the venue Facebook, linkedin,or twitter it’s going to take time to build a community around your brand.  You also need to understand marketing on the internet is done by attraction.  You will have to become conversational when engaging your community.  I’m not talking about spaming them either. If you are not learning about their likes and dislikes, hearing what their telling you before speaking.  And using that feedback to add  quality to their situation, you won’t last long.  For a good course on attraction marketing go to my blogroll and click the third link down.  The video course is FREE… And it will give you a good foundation.


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