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Social media is right for every company and brand.  If you have a target market, you have an audience.  If you have an audience, you have a platform for interaction.  A targeted campaign in the blogosphere or other social networks will bring results in brand awareness, traffic,customer loyalty and the overall buzz.  Most companies large or small however should be aware that social media marketing is a long-term process. And time, takes time.  Whatever the venue Facebook, linkedin,or twitter it’s going to take time to build a community around your brand.  You also need to understand marketing on the internet is done by attraction.  You will have to become conversational when engaging your community.  I’m not talking about spaming them either. If you are not learning about their likes and dislikes, hearing what their telling you before speaking.  And using that feedback to add  quality to their situation, you won’t last long.  For a good course on attraction marketing go to my blogroll and click the third link down.  The video course is FREE… And it will give you a good foundation.


This is important,  search engines will remove duplicated content because they will determin that it already exist in their index.  When setting up your campaigns and ads. Look for untapped opportunities for your paid searches.  Do this by following your sites architecture.  Do your promotions and products have their own ad groups?  Keep your promotions timely along with your ads, and have a call to action.  Optimize your landing page.  This is the differance between good and Great.


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and U-Tube have changed the business landscape. Now You must build a relationship of value with someone first, and have trust at the forefront. Make a friend first, be valuable to that friend. Provide tips, even if this means copying something that someones has passed on to you. You should intern pass that information on just as freely as it was passed on to you. Believe it or not that helps in three different ways. (1) You help whoever sent you the information. (Hopefully they will remember that) (2) You help the person seeking the information. (3) You helped yourself by making a stronger relationship, and have positioned yourself as a resource. It’s called paying it forward  It’s the best strategy I can give you.


The great equalizer for small companies is social media. With the larger companies marketing on the internet using social web sites, smaller companies have less constrains. Larger companies have bureaucracies to contend with where smaller companies do not. When marketing on the internet, using social media is a long-term stratagem outlining activities that best conveys your communication goals.


With the economy not doing so well and social media on the rise. It’s no wonder advertisers are considering internet marketing as an option. The fact is… The time being spent on social media Bloging and socialy networking is on the rise. Facebook is by far the most used and generates the most revenue. Some advertisers are treating it like the gold rush. There’s gold in them their hills! Internet marketing is not that way. If someone thinks old school marketing in social media is going to fly their in for a surprise. If someone doesn’t like you on the internet, click… Your gone!!! For good, one push of a button. Internet marketing is about attraction, not in your face with a pitch. Don’t invite yourself, have them invite themselves. In the long run you will do much better.


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